New webinar

I’m happy to share that I’ll be doing another webinar in June featuring the MAP Method ™. This time, I’ve teamed up with my fellow MAP coach, Eunice Wong. Eunice is a health and wellness educator and a clarity coach.

We knew we didn’t want to do a dry talk that puts everyone to sleep, so we thought hard about what we’d like to convey. During our brainstorming, Eunice had a brilliant download: a self-development process called CARE.

What is CARE

CARE is an acronym for clarify, align, recharge, elevate. These are the steps we go through as we work on our personal growth.

The first step is to clarify what it is we really want. A lot of times, we want to control things outside of us. But the truth is, we can only control ourselves. So we need to clarify what is our true want.

This true want is our WHY. A clear why will give us a clear purpose and a clear direction.

The next step is to align with our why. Because as we’ve all experienced, beliefs, fears and doubts can get in the way… negative emotions get triggered… parts of us suddenly become resistant to change. So we need to spend some time clearing things out.

After enough has been cleared, we usually get a surge of energy and we ride on a high! It’s an awesome feeling – until we hit a bump. Our energy or motivation might slide. So a recharge is needed.

It’s perfectly normal for the clarify-align-recharge process to take a few rounds. We might also get used to our new change and find ourselves feeling lost or stagnant again. That’s a sign we need to elevate! We’ve reached a point where it’s time to level up and reach higher.

How does MAP help CARE

Eunice and I both agree that MAP is a super tool to accelerate CARE.

MAP works on the brain to rewire long term memories. Put in very simple terms, it disconnects the negative emotions and thoughts that were attached to the memories and reconnects them to positive ones.

When we recall the memory again after doing MAP, the same memories are no longer charged with energy. They’ve become neutral, like facts or data. Which is exactly what they were originally. It’s just that we gave them certain meaning in the moment and seared that into our memory of the event. Because we understand everything in context.

MAP accelerates CARE because it lowers the barriers at each step in the process. With fewer internal hurdles to overcome, the more flow we can manifest externally in our lives. Such as our health, work, money and relationships.

Webinar details and offer

These are just some of the things we will share in our webinar on June 13 2020 Sat 10am SGT. We hope you can join us! For more details, please click on the below:

We’ve also prepared a special webinar offer available exclusively for those who attend. You can claim them regardless of whether you’ve already experienced MAP or not. We’re both committed to supporting you in your journey of growth, so do take advantage of it!

Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to know more!