Understanding Synchronicity

Do you experience synchronicity? I do! Here’s a recent example. I wrote about purpose on social media the other day, simply because I felt compelled to share a story. Then interestingly, the week afterward, the same topic came up in a session. The client aligned with her purpose without expecting to (see here).

That was cool! And not unusual for me. Synchronicity happens when I’m working on a particular issue with a client, writing a blog post, or thinking about how to solve a problem. I’ll see an image, hear lyrics of a song, read a line of text, or someone will make a comment that connects. How about you?

By the way, if you need a refresher on synchronicity, Alethia Luna of Loner Wolf sums it up nicely here.

What makes synchronicity happen?

The more I thought about synchronicity, the more I wanted to understand what was going on. That curiosity led me to Dr. Kirby Surprise, who wrote a fascinating book called “Synchronicity: The Art of Coincidence, Choice and Unlocking Your Mind”.

Synchronicity book cover

In it, he talks about how synchronicities are created, and how you can create them more mindfully. It’s a wild dive into psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics, mysticism, Zen Buddhism, shamanism and more. If you prefer a shorter explanation, here’s an interview he did.

Synchronicity happens on purpose; you create them

You might think synchronicity is an occurrence that happens to you. Actually, he says, it’s not! You’re creating them all by yourself. You just aren’t aware of it.

According to Dr. Surprise, what your mind focuses on, you will see. Your brain is hardwired to notice patterns. You then give meaning to those patterns because of the emotions or memories associated to them. Below is his theory of how synchronicities are created.

For example, if you see angel numbers everywhere, it’s because whether you realize it or not, you have a heightened awareness for them. In doing so, you create thoughtforms. Those thoughtforms exist on an astral plane. When unconscious, continuous attention is paid to these numbers, the thoughtforms gather enough critical mass to show up in your physical reality. If you think they’re a sign of divine guidance, it’s because subconsciously, you already gave it that meaning. The divine guidance is basically you.

The down and upside of synchronicity

Synchronicity has a positive and negative aspect. It can become a dangerous rabbit hole if you read too much into the patterns. You start to lose touch with reality. Or do things at the expense of your own safety and wellbeing. Dr. Surprise says getting caught up in synchronicity is like getting lost in a house of mirrors. You could end up with delusions or paranoia. As a psychologist, he’s seen this happen.

But on the positive side, synchronicity can be a spiritual experience. Through it, he says, you get to experience your oneness with the Universe. And your marvelous powers of manifestation. He suggests keeping it at that level, so you can enjoy synchronicity without letting it rule your daily life.

How can you manifest more meaningful synchronicity?

Dr. Surprise found that when you meditate and quiet the mind, you can intentionally create synchronicities which really matter to you. Meditation reduces the focus on “surface” things. This creates space for your mind to pay attention to the deeper, significant stuff. Then your reality begins to produce synchronicities that are more meaningful.

It’s good to follow Alethia Luna’s advice too, and be receptive, humble and trusting. This will open the doors to more meaningful synchronicity.

Dr. Surprise also says, have a sense of humor! When you approach synchronicity with lightness, they’re interesting, fun and funny. It’s when you take them uber seriously that you manifest synchronicities which are unsettling or downright scary.

Knowledge doesn’t kill synchronicity, it enhances it

Some of you might feel Dr. Surprise’s take on synchronicity sucks all the wonder and mystery (and fun!) out of synchronicity.

But I think his message was this. Understanding the mechanics puts power in your own hands. You shape your reality, not the synchronicities. They’re simply a reflection of your thoughts and feelings. You get to choose what they mean and whether to act on them or not. That’s empowering.

And there’s plenty of room left for wonder. Even after all the neuroscience and quantum physics, synchronicity is still magical when it happens. It’s like discovering a little gift you forgot you sent yourself.

Maybe at its essence, synchronicity is a reminder to enjoy this playground called Life. ♡