Sessions for spaces

Did you know that spaces have their own energy?  Any of you who have searched for an apartment or home will know this.  The minute you walk into a room, you just know whether or not this is where you want to live.

What creates this energy

It’s a combination of things.  Some are tangible like the physical environment – layout, lighting, location, furnishings – others are intangible such as the people who live or used to live in it.   All of this creates an energy unique to that space and influences the people living there.

What can I do

If you’re noticing some heavy air lingering in your house lately, it’s time to clear things out!  Clearing negative energy helps raise the overall vibration of your space so the energy becomes more attractive, peaceful and clean.   The Body Code can do the same for homes and even home based businesses as it does for people and pets.

Reflect on your space

It does make a difference when you pay attention to details like lighting, colors, materials, storage, circulation, movement and ergonomics.   This boosts the comfort and vibe of your rooms.   It’s like energy work for the body.   You could do the best energy clearing ever, but if you don’t support the physical body with good nutrition, healthy habits, stress management and rest, you could end up back where you started.

If you have any concerns about the environment you’re in now, please send me a message!

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