My gosh, 2018 is nearly over! How do you usually spend the last month of the year? My Decembers are always hectic because of birthday parties, Christmas and New Year preparations. I also need to wrap up loose ends before I go off on my year end leave. Every year I unsuccessfully promise myself to get started sooner so there’s no mad last minute rush. Finally, after all this time, I’ve made good on that. Yesss!

Now that I’ve had some space to think…

Reflecting on 2018, it was actually quite stormy on the personal front. But what sustained me (literally) was all the blessings I received from my healing practice. With every session, I learned to attend better, get to the heart of problems faster, and be clearer on where I stand as a healing practitioner.

I want to thank each of you who crossed paths with me. It’s an honor to learn from you, be a witness to your healing, and receive the reward that comes from helping you feel better. For that I am forever grateful. Thank you so much.

To pay it forward, I’m sharing some words I resonated strongly with over the year. They’re not new, you’ve heard them all before. But now I can say with certainty that they are indeed true.

When life gets hard, remember that this is your golden opportunity for growth. You can either let the challenge burn you or refine you. It’s your choice.

You are a lot stronger than you think. When you think you can’t handle any more, think again. You might discover a hidden well of strength inside of you.

Adversity teaches us how to be compassionate. Treat others and yourself with compassion.

Take good care of yourself. Because good health is your most valuable resource.

There is a timing for everything. Be patient and pay attention.

Know when to let go. Sometimes it’s better to go a different direction.

Attend to each other. Human connection is powerfully healing.

How about you? What nuggets of wisdom did you gain this year? I hope you received many gifts along the way. May your 2019 be even more abundant and rewarding!

Have a blessed holiday and see you again in the new year,

Rimi xo