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What Makes it Hard to Relate to Others?

What makes it hard to relate to others What makes it hard to relate to others and oneself? The answer seems to lie in developmental trauma.  Learning about developmental trauma has helped me understand what impacts our relationships on a deeper level. So I’d like...
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When Teens Cry For Help

Photo by Ashley Byrd on Unsplash When teens cry for help A shocking incident happened in Singapore recently involving two teens: a 16 year old boy randomly killed a 13 year old boy at school with an axe. It’s the first time such a serious...
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Thinking Woman

Making Life Decisions

Making life decisions When making important life decisions, how do you approach the issue? Do you methodically list the pros and cons? Or do you get caught up in a web of thoughts and emotions? Do you get confused between what your head and heart...
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Facing the Music

Recently, something happened which made me feel like I’ve been dealt a lesson in how to face something I’ve shoved under the carpet because I didn’t want to deal with it... only to have it come back and bite me when I least expected it!...
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