More Offers

Here are more offers that are available for you:

Mini session

This mini-session is recommended for those who are new to energy work and aren’t sure whether or not this is what they need, but want to familiarize themselves with it first.  Also great as a gift for a family member or friend!

  • Session time 30 minutes
  • Session fee S$70
  • Available in person, by Skype or phone

Session Packages

If you know you will continue doing Emotional Detox or Energy Detox sessions for a while, I suggest using a package.  To meet your needs, I offer 3 kinds:

  • 3 sessions: S$390
  • 5 sessions: S$600
  • 10 sessions: S$1100

There’s no expiry, so you’re welcome to use the remainder as and when you need it. You can also share the package, as long as it’s within the immediate family!

Pet Sessions

Did you know that this work can be done on pets, too? They are very responsive to energy work, much more than humans are! If you want to do a clearing for you pet’s physical and emotional health, simply send me your pet’s details and the rest can be done by distance. (If you prefer to do this in person that can be arranged, however, transportation fees may apply.)

  • Session time 15 minutes
  • Session fee $35
  • Available by email or Skype

NEW! Trigger Reprogramming session

This session is designed to help you break through your trigger situations and gain more clarity and awareness into who you really are and what you really want. We’ll examine your trigger situation, discuss what was going on and discover what you really wanted out of it.  Next we’ll do an energy release to take away the negative charge.  Lastly we’ll revisit the situation to see what’s changed for you. Experience the shift!

  • Session time 60 minutes
  • Session fee S$140
  • Available in person or by Skype

Core Reprogramming session

Do you have core fears, relationship blocks, success blocks, abundance blocks, health blocks or any other kind of block which you haven’t been able to overcome using your current methods? Here is an individually tailored session which incorporates various methods and techniques I’ve tried and tested over the years. Harness the power of your conscious mind, subconscious mind and intuition so you can break through the blockages holding you back from living the life you want!

  • Session time 90 minutes
  • Session fee S$200
  • Available in person or by Skype

This session is also available as a package of 4 sessions.

FREE! Starter’s Guide to Self Testing

If you love the Emotion Code and want to use it for day-to-day self care, you’ll need to know how to muscle test. To help you get started, I’ve written a simple guide on self testing. To receive it, please send me a note with the message “Starter’s Guide” and I will send it to your mailbox.

Starter’s Guide

"The key to healing is to let go of negativity and choose positive"