More about MAP

Thank you all so much for your overwhelming interest in the MAP Method™. I’m really happy to see that even with the simpler protocol I’ve been sharing with you, you’ve experienced positive results.

The more I learn about MAP and the science behind it, the more it reinforces this truth: the keys to change are in the mind.

Everything we do now is based on our past experiences. We constantly choose what to do next based on what we did in the past. Even if it isn’t the most beneficial way to handle a situation. Because it’s the best we can do. Thus we reinforce the pattern.

Make anything possible

Let’s say that those we love didn’t properly acknowledge our deep fears as a child. We may learn that we can’t trust our feelings and grow up to be anxious adults. Or say we learned it was better to keep quiet rather than speak up and get scolded. Later on, we might find it extremely difficult to voice our truth because we became so used to swallowing it.

Imagine what becomes possible when we neutralize the negative memories that block us from living a fuller life!

I’ve witnessed MAP improve physical symptoms and negative perceptions. Sometimes it prompts extraordinary visions and insights. Personally, I’ve noticed that the more I do MAP, the less I’m held back by my past.

All of this goes to show that when the mind shifts, a lot of other things shift along with it, too.

When to use what

You may wonder which modality is good for what, if you’ve experienced the Emotion Code / Body Code before. Here’s my suggestion:

Use the Emotion Code and Body Code if you feel like you need an emotional or energy detox. It will help you clear and balance your body and energy. Don’t forget about clearing the Heart Wall too – the Emotion Code is designed specifically for that purpose.

Use MAP if you’re keen to clear mental blocks or change your mental landscape. Because MAP can neutralize negative memories and heal traumatized parts. This will help reduce or even eliminate self limiting beliefs. MAP can help you magnetize more of what you want too, with powerful visualizations.

All the modalities complement each other, so they can be used in combination if more work needs to be done! To find out more about sessions, please get in touch.

May you always be supported on your healing journey,

Rimi xo