MAP (Manifesting All Possibilities) is based on a treatment called Process Healing created by Dr. Garry Flint, who specialized in psychological trauma. Later, peak performance coach Colette Streicher added on to his body of work. She incorporated best practices from the field of personal development and eventually created the MAP method in 2013.

What does it do?

It’s a method to neutralize traumatic memories and remove your mental and emotional blocks, clearing the way to magnetizing more of what you want.

How is it done?

It’s an interactive process where I’ll first ask you to visualize or focus your attention on a specific subject. After I give some instructions to your subconscious and pause a few moments, I’ll ask you again to reflect on what has changed for you. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover that you feel different! This process is repeated until you feel done.

How does it help me?

Because it specifically addresses parts of your personality that are stuck and holding on to the past, you can move forward with more ease. You’ll have neutralized those negative memories. This doesn’t mean that your memories will be erased! Rather, the negative associations to those events will be disconnected. In its place, positive associations will be created and positive emotions, beliefs or statements will be strengthened.

How does MAP differ from the Emotion Code or Body Code?

MAP works on the mind and the brain, whereas the Emotion Code and Body Code work throughout the whole body, including the subtle bodies. So it’s a more targeted approach to clearing your mental blocks.

How does MAP differ from other modalities that do subconscious reprogramming?

I’ve heard MAP compared to Psych-K and Rapid Transformational Therapy. Indeed, it seems like they do share much in common as they all work towards a common goal: free yourself from negative programming and live a fuller life. The difference is in the delivery. Whatever method you choose, it’s my belief that as long as it resonates with you and you gain a real benefit from it, it’s good for you – so trust your gut feeling!

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