Manifesting All Possibilities

What is the MAP Method™ and what does it do? It’s a brain rewiring method created by peak performance coach Colette Streicher. What MAP does is neutralize traumatic memories and clear your mental and emotional blocks.

One important body of work that had a huge impact on Colette’s MAP Method is by trauma psychologist Dr. Garry Flint.

Dr. Flint had developed a theory of how the brain creates personality. During the course of his practice, he discovered that it was possible to give the brain instructions to heal its own traumatic memories. In other words, he found that the brain can heal itself if instructed! Based on his discovery, he devised a treatment method which he called Process Healing.

We are a collection of memories

According to Dr. Flint and Colette, we’re basically a collection of memories. Each memory is very complex. It comes with lots of emotions, thoughts, behaviors and beliefs. Every time we experience something new, we form a memory. That memory becomes the basis for what we do next. The more we repeat this, the more we shape and solidify our personality.

We have a main personality that’s visible to others and ourselves. But we also have lots of sub-personalities. If we’ve experienced heavy trauma of some kind, these personalities splinter off and become hidden.

That’s why when we get triggered, we can act out of character and do something that’s so not who we are. That could make us feel very confused and upset. We might even try to deny this part of ourselves. But suppressing it doesn’t make it go away. It just goes out of sight… until the next time it gets triggered. I’m sure we all have experience with this!

The difference between Body Code and MAP

If I were to use the Body Code to address this, I would be asking the subconscious a lot of questions. Such as, what caused you to create this sub-personality? What needs to be cleared to heal it? Are you even willing to heal it? And so on. I would test you for various energies and release them one by one. It’s thorough work, but it can take some time.

MAP, on the other hand, is faster! It asks the subconscious to create an individualized treatment plan and neutralize the memories that are causing the sub-personality to be triggered. This is like clearing energies in bulk. Coming from my point of view, this is huge!

The biggest difference between the Body Code and MAP is, your participation is important to the process. What does that mean? You’ll be asked to tune into your memories, thoughts, emotions and/or body. As we instruct the subconscious to treat them, you’ll notice changes in real time. It’s truly amazing!


Taste of MAP event

If you’re interested to know more about MAP, training supervisor Sofie Hon will be giving a talk on what MAP is and how it works. You will also get to participate in a group MAP session.

I will be joining the event to support Sofie, so I do look forward to seeing you there!  Please contact me for more details.

May you find this information useful on your healing journey,

Rimi xo