Losing weight with MAP

Weight is a multi-layered issue with many aspects to balance. It can bring up a lot of strong emotions, and there isn’t a one size fits all solution, either…. So we need to look at it holistically and address each of the aspects in depth.

One factor that affects weight is the quality of our diet. We live in an age of calorie rich yet nutritionally poor foods. Lifestyle is another. Most of us have jobs that don’t require a lot of hard physical labor. Unless we exercise daily, we often don’t get our bodies moving enough.

And stress! Stress opens the door to many things, including weight gain. No stressor is too small to be dealt with. If it affects us to a strong degree, it needs to be taken seriously, not brushed aside as “nothing”.

There could also be physical imbalances and deficiencies, hidden emotional and psychological issues, unhealed traumas and/or negative belief systems that are affecting weight, too.

A client's story

I had a client who understood there was a lot going on behind her weight issues and wanted to do something about it. (I’m sharing her story with permission.) Before she met me, she had done years of inner work healing her emotions, addressing her health issues, cleaning up her diet. While searching for solutions, she stumbled upon MAP. She was keen to see what it could do for her.

Her most present concern was to clear what was getting in the way of achieving her ideal weight. As we clarified her goal, we found it wasn’t only about reaching a certain number. It was also about accepting her body as it is and loving it. She wanted to be able to embrace herself wholeheartedly.

We used MAP to find out what parts of her needed to be healed, so she could begin to love her body again. There were several aspects of her personality that needed some attention. These personality parts are formed whenever we experience significant, traumatic events. They have memories, emotions, beliefs, thought processes and behavior patterns just like our main personality does, but on a limited scale.

Parts are mostly dormant, but when they wake up, they can keep us stuck in the past and prevent us from being fully in the Now. It isn’t necessary to know exactly when they got created or how they’re affecting us. The important thing is that we address each of them with the MAP commands, so they don’t get triggered anymore.

Seeing change happen

When she checked in, she saw herself wearing a “fat suit”. She took off the suit and saw herself as she knew herself to really be: her ideal beautiful shape, weight and being. But she could still feel a part of her was having difficulty accepting this new image. So we used MAP to heal some more parts of her personality that were getting triggered.

While we did this, a question popped into her head: what’s making it hard to lose weight? We used MAP again to process what was underlying this question.

She recalled a past relationship which she described as “lazy”. Because the thing they often did together was drink… and not much else. It became such that to have fun, they needed to be drinking.

Also, her ex didn’t like it when she dressed nicely. Even if it was to go out with her girlfriends. He preferred her to stay covered up in baggy clothes that didn’t reveal her figure. She realized that this “be lazy and stay hidden” energy had affected her deeply.

We did MAP to heal more personality parts, then checked in again. She was pleasantly surprised to notice that she no longer felt any heaviness around exercising! The thought of it felt a lot lighter than when we started. When she checked in on her goal, she felt much more able to embrace herself.

A few days later this is what she said:

“I wanted to share what a difference I have felt since the MAP session. I’ve been able to follow through with my intermittent fasting schedule a lot easier and I definitely have been wanting to exercise rather than doing it because I have to. It amazes me how quickly something I’ve been dealing with for so long can shift SO much in just one session!!”

At the time of this writing, she’s still working on some issues related to weight, but she happily reports that she’s feeling much better.

This is really encouraging news! I do hope that others who want to improve their weight will find MAP helpful, too. I can’t guarantee that everyone will have similar results, but when you release old patterns that no longer serve you, you definitely create more energy and optimism. It’s truly liberating and empowering!

If you have any questions about MAP and how it might be able to help you, please feel free to get in touch. I would be more than happy to support you!

Rimi xo