Why life coaching, now?

During all these years of practicing energy work, it never occurred to me to become a life coach. It wasn’t even on my radar until my husband suggested it to me! Yet when I thought about it, it made sense to add this skill to my toolkit.

The Emotion Code™, Body Code™ and MAP Method™ are all great modalities that work directly on the subconscious. This is definitely useful if you’re really stuck. You simply can’t move forward until you remove what’s holding you back. A lot of times, that stuff is buried way beyond your reach. So it helps to use tools designed to clear them.

But I’ve come to realize that focusing only on the subconscious isn’t always the most empowering way forward. I’m beginning to appreciate the strengths of the conscious mind to focus, align and create. Because there’s immense power in making purposeful choices and decisions.

Use your mental muscle

Energy work is good for clearing the subconscious so you can free yourself of the baggage from the past. But you do have to take conscious action when it comes to creating the future you want to live. You can’t rely on the subconscious to propel you forward… it just doesn’t work that way.

This part of personal growth isn’t easy, that’s for sure. It involves taking bigger risks, challenging yourself in bigger ways, owning up to yourself more than you have before. You’ll spend more time feeling uncomfortable and being uncertain. You’ll have to learn how to stay grounded despite it all and not let it stop you.

But if and when you’re ready, you won’t be put off. You’ll be motivated to mobilize your resources, play to your strengths, reframe and refocus, turn obstacles into opportunities, be smarter in the way you use your time and energy, be better at managing your mental state, prioritize what’s really important, get clearly focused on what you want, and magnetize or attract more mindfully.

All of these require conscious effort. You can definitely support yourself through energy work, but the big driver is going to be your mental muscle.

Step out of your comfort zone

Now, please don’t judge yourself harshly if you’re struggling to get yourself organized. Be self compassionate, acknowledge your fears, blocks or concerns. Explore why you’re triggered and address them so they don’t continue to hold you back.

Let’s say you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone. Try not to be held hostage by your usual responses – those are old habits that got created over time when you were operating in a different mode.

Your will and intent are strong enough that you CAN put mind over matter at this stage. You can defuse the energy and stay centered by acknowledging but not giving in to your habitual responses. (Kind of like being the authoritative parent to your tantruming children.)

When you shift your perspective from reactive mode to responsive mode, you literally change how a situation appears to you. Your intention becomes more focused and your energy flows to where it’s directed.

This is what “create your reality” and “be in alignment” means. The more you can do this, the more flow you create. The more flow you have, the more likely you’ll achieve what you’re after!

Reshape your inner landscape

I truly understand the importance of reshaping your inner landscape to make all this happen. And I used to believe that clearing the subconscious was the best way to do that. But now, I’m beginning to see that working only with the subconscious mind is like trying to clap with one hand. You also need the other hand – the conscious mind – to make a sound. They need to work together.

So if you want to achieve that goal you’ve been after by putting both minds to work, I would be more than happy to support you. Let’s talk about how we can help build you up so you can get what you want!

Rimi xo