Jikiden Reiki is a purely Japanese school of Reiki which faithfully follows the techniques taught by master Mikao Usui in his “Usui Reiki Therapy for Improving Body and Mind”.

What does it do?

Reiki infuses the body with universal healing energy to improve physical health and wellbeing. It was traditionally used to treat physical conditions. Jikiden also treats character traits, called seiheki, such as bad habits.

How does it help?

Reiki can’t be made to perform a specific function, however when applied to the area of discomfort and other associated points on the body, many people see an improvement in their symptoms, such as decreased pain, more mobility and speedier recovery of injuries and ailments.

How is Jikiden Reiki different from other schools of Reiki?

Jikiden teaches Reiki exactly as it was taught by one of Usui Sensei’s 21 direct disciples, Chujiro Hayashi. Hayashi had many students, one of whom was Chiyoko Yamaguchi (now deceased). She is the mother of Tadao Yamaguchi, who learned Reiki at his mother’s knee and later founded the Jikiden Reiki Institute. Since nothing has been added, removed or changed from the original method, hence the name Jikiden was chosen, which means “directly taught”. Whether this method is better than others is a subjective preference – Reiki is simply a tool to access universal energy; as long as it serves your highest good with the purest of intentions, it’s all good.

Is there any difference between receiving Reiki in person and by distance?

Yamaguchi Sensei believes that physical touch has immense healing benefits, so he recommends Reiki in person. However it’s true that there are instances where receiving Reiki treatment in person isn’t feasible, such as those who are infirm, so he acknowledges that Reiki by distance is still beneficial – in fact my current setup is to do Reiki by distance. Again, this is more a matter of personal belief and preference.

For further information about Jikiden Reiki please visit https://www.jikiden-reiki.com/en/