Sessions for your growth

So you’ve cleared your energy and reprogrammed your subconscious, but you still feel confused, stuck or in pain. Does that mean the modalities didn’t work? Not necessarily. It could be that your issue requires some additional reflective work.

What is reflective work?

It’s self reflection, or mindfulness. It’s the practice of looking at yourself as if you were a neutral observer and getting a better understanding and awareness. However, anyone who’s done self reflection will know that this is easier said than done!

If you struggle to reflect on your own, personal coaching can support you in this process. Coaching is a style of conversation that purposely provokes you to think and reflect. And it’s helpful when done in combination with energy clearing and subconscious reprogramming.


Organize the mind

You’re probably aware that the subconscious has profound influence on the mind. So it makes sense to clear negative beliefs, emotional traumas and self limiting programming as much as possible.

But there’s one thing the subconscious can’t do: organize itself. That’s a job only the conscious mind can do. That’s why having a coaching conversation is useful. It makes you organize your mind.

Reading this you might think, “Well then, I don’t need to go so far as to engage in personal coaching, I can journal and meditate instead.” Which is true! If that works well for you, I would encourage you to keep it up.

But before you go, please allow me to ask you again about your issue.

Are you still in pain right now?

As a practitioner, I receive many clients who want to relieve their pain, whether it’s physical, emotional or mental. It shows up in various forms and in varying degrees.

Experience has taught me that this pain always has roots. Some are straightforward so they clear easily with energy work. Others are complex so they clear less easily with just energy work. They need some mindful exploration.

Understandably, it’s very uncomfortable to do that, because those roots are the most vulnerable parts of yourself. So what often happens is taking the “easy” way out: ignore it, suppress it, deny it, distract yourself, convince yourself otherwise, or work on the symptoms but not the root.

Which means the parts still remain in pain.

What is it costing you to stay in pain?

Let’s think for a moment what it’s costing you to allow those parts to stay in pain.

What limits are you placing on yourself? What opportunities are you passing up? How is this affecting your relationships, career, self esteem, health, future, happiness?

I would imagine this isn’t where you really want to be. But you might be feeling helpless, powerless, overwhelmed, scared and/or ashamed to face these parts.

To cope with these feelings, you might procrastinate, get confused, get defensive, be resistant, be inflexible, be short-tempered, lose motivation, blame others or situations, evade responsibility or even have poor health.

And you might have already been doing this for a long time. How much longer will you continue doing it?

What if you could turn that pain into growth?

Now let’s shift perspective and try to imagine a different reality.

What if:

・You had a way to handle that pain safely, gently, with compassion and genuine support?

・You could understand what made you be in pain, and what made you cope with it in the way that you did, so you can accept and believe in yourself wholeheartedly?

・Your pain is enabling you to learn valuable life lessons and truths? That it’s helping you develop unique strengths and talents?

・You could turn this pain into an opportunity for growth, and use it as a springboard to become more grounded, confident, clear, strong, decisive?

When you start to explore these questions, you begin to open the door to new possibilities.

I'm here for you

Whenever you feel ready to go through that door, I just want to let you know: I’m here for you. Because I’ve been in your shoes, too. I understand what it’s like to face the vulnerable parts in pain and try to step into growth.

This endeavor is likely to make you feel pretty uncomfortable. You’ll have to dig deeper than you have before and battle the negative emotions, thoughts and behaviors that come up every time you feel challenged.

That’s why I’m willing to walk beside you and support you as your personal coach every step of the way, so you don’t have to do it alone. Because what I want for you is to have the life you really desire, not the one you feel resigned to live.

Would you like to give it a try?

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