Although not large in number, I’ve had in the past a few women come to see me for conception, morning sickness, miscarriage or postpartum depression. So I thought I’d use this opportunity to share some insights I’ve gained as a practitioner.

Causes of conception and pregnancy complications

Some things I’ve noticed are:

-The presence of toxins and negative emotions in the body
-Emotional or mental blockages related to conception, giving birth, being a mother

The toxins range from chemical toxins to pathogens, most of them old rather than recent. They could be found either in the whole body or in the reproductive organs. If any toxins are found in the reproductive organs, I make sure to clear these areas so they will be in optimum balance, alignment and function.

Negative emotions can show up in the reproductive organs too, creating energetic blockages that won’t let it be “happy”.

Sometimes, these toxins and emotions can cause physical issues that impact conception and pregnancy. Such as allergies, poor nutritional absorption, digestive system imbalances, hormone imbalances, etc.

Mental blocks like fears and negative beliefs can self sabotage a woman’s efforts to conceive. I’ve found beliefs like “I’m not ready”, “I’m not fit to be a mother”, “I’m only having a baby because I’m supposed to (not because I want to)”, “I’m infertile”, “I can’t conceive” or “it’s my fault I’m not getting pregnant”. She needs to let go of those negative messages so she can truly be ready to create life.

Prep work for fathers, childbirth

For conception, it’s also ideal for the father to do some energy work, too. So that any blockages or imbalances in his body, in particular the reproductive system, are cleared. If he has any old emotional baggage or insecurities about fatherhood he never knew he had, this is a good time to address it.

Nowadays, there is a trend toward natural and wholesome living. And that includes childbirth. As long as the mother is healthy, giving birth is natural and instinctive process which should require very little medical intervention.

Energy work can help prepare women for the birth process by clearing their fears and anxieties, so they can feel more confident in giving birth naturally.

Energy work can benefit baby, too

Not only do both parents benefit from releasing their hidden emotional issues, so does your unborn baby! I don’t like to instill worry in new parents, but yes… these things do get passed on. To give your baby a healthy start, it’s beneficial to release this kind of energy early on.

It might not yet be common to use energy work for conception, pregnancy or birth. But the benefits of the Emotion Code is that it’s very gentle and safe for pregnant women to use.

I certainly wish the Emotion Code existed back when I was pregnant with my first child! Things would have been much different if it did. I might have had less morning sickness, less complications in the final trimester, and a calmer, settled baby.

If you’d like to find out more about how this work can help you, please contact me. May you find this helpful in your journey towards parenthood!

Rimi xo