Energy Detox

Although some may find this hard to believe, we are much more than the matter which makes up our body.  We are energy.

What is energy?

It’s a frequency, a vibration generated by countless subatomic particles which form all things visible and non visible.  Energy knows no distance or dimension, and can be influenced by other energies. Both living and non living things are made of energy and affect one another.

We humans are a complex system that is capable of generating huge amounts of energy. We do it not only through our physical functions, but also through conscious thought.  For example, our thoughts can create emotions, which in turn can affect our physiology. We also absorb energy from our surroundings.  These energies range from physical things like pathogens to non-visible things such as electromagnetic smog. Just like negative emotions, these energies can get stuck.  And like emotions, over time they create an imbalance in our bodies.

We are not as solid nor as immune to energy as we think!

What happens when that energy becomes trapped?

We may be affected physically. These energies open ourselves up to stress. Our health may go out of sync, eventually manifesting as symptoms of pain, dysfunction or disease. We may also be affected mentally. What is buried within ourselves can distort the way we perceive the world around us. Imagine what might happen if we go through life continuing to wear those colored lenses?

We all have a natural ability to heal and maintain optimum balance on all levels. For this to happen, trapped unhealthy energies need to be released. To do this, Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Body Code system has proven to be highly effective. Based on the same technique as the Emotion Code but more comprehensive in approach, it identifies and releases a wide range of negative energies that are contributing to all kinds of self sabotage, unhappiness, imbalance, malfunction and illness.

If you have physical, emotional or mental health issues that don’t seem to go away, you might need to clear the unwanted energies that are getting in the way of your overall health and healing. To help you improve things, I offer the following session:

Energy Detox

  • Release emotional, mental and offensive energies
  • Clear toxins and pathogens energetically
  • Correct imbalances, misalignments and deficiencies energetically
  • Integrate and balance parts energetically
  • Learn self care tips for healing
  • Review where you’re at pre/post session
  • Fee S$140 (includes a report)
  • Time 60 minutes
  • Available in person, by Skype, phone or email.

To find out more about the session, please see the FAQs or send me a message via the below.

Release what doesn’t serve you so you can become healthier, happier and vibrant!

Conditions the Body Code has reportedly helped:

How emotions makes us ill and how can we heal:

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"The key to healing is to let go of negativity and choose positive"