Emotional Detox

Have you ever felt like you’re looking at life from the outside? Like you aren’t expressing your full potential? That life is too overwhelming, not happening, or completely joyless? What if the cause of these feelings were due to trapped negative emotions? It sounds incredible, but emotions do get stuck.

What happens when they do?

You begin to resonate with that emotion subliminally. A small part of you is literally vibrating with that frequency. You may experience pain and discomfort, or tend to feel a certain way all the time. It happens so subtly that you don’t even realize emotions could be the cause. Left undetected, they build up over time.

When those emotions are finally released, you will notice the difference!

You may feel lighter as if a load lifted off your chest and shoulders.  You may see, hear, feel, taste, smell and think more clearly than before.  You may sleep better at night.  Your aches may lessen or disappear.  You may find that things in your life start to fall into place.

This is possible thanks to a new energy healing technique called the Emotion Code. Developed by holistic chiropractic physician Dr. Bradley Nelson, it’s based on more than 20 years of clinical practice treating patients suffering from a wide variety of ills.

What makes the Emotion Code different? The speed and ease in which negative emotions can be released.

Personally speaking, I know what it’s like to live inside an invisible cage, feeling like something is blocking me from truly living life. The words that describe best what I felt at the time are: despair, anger, frustration, anxiety, panic, depression. Having experienced first hand the efficacy of this work, I am happy to say that the person I used to be no longer exists.  It can’t, because the negative energy feeding it is gone!

Do you want to shed the negative emotions and walls that don’t serve you, so that you too can be the happy and positive person you know you are? If you’re ready to let go of your emotional baggage, I offer the following session:

Emotional Detox

  • Clear emotional energies and more
  • Remove the Heart Wall and other walls
  • Learn emotional self care tips
  • Fee S$140 (includes a report)
  • Time 60 minutes
  • Available in person, by Skype, phone or email

To find out more about the sessions, please see the FAQs or send me a message via the below.

Let go of what you don’t need so you can become lighter, brighter and free!

Learn how negative emotions can affect you:

Listen to Dr. Nelson explain about the Heart Wall:

"The key to healing is to let go of negativity and choose positive"