Created by Dr. Bradley Nelson through many years of clinical practice as a chiropractic physician, the Emotion Code is a gentle energy release technique that quickly identifies and permanently releases negative emotions that have become trapped in the body.

EC chart

How is this done?

Through muscle testing. We ask your subconscious a set of questions that will lead to the emotion causing your issue. When the emotion is found and located, we will release it energetically. This process continues until your body tells me you’ve had enough for the day and need to stop and rest. A full written report is provided after each session so you can keep track of your progress.

What happens next?

Most people begin to feel physically and emotionally lighter. This is because we have literally removed negative energies which used to be located inside your body. Many have reported feeling more energetic, less foggy-brained, more settled, calmer, happier, have improved complexion, have better appetite, have clearer vision, sleeping better, have less or no more aches and pains, and more. When enough emotional baggage has been released, their issue becomes much more manageable or may even resolve on its own.

What is the Emotion Code good for?

It helps you cope with emotional hurts such as traumas, phobias, anger, stress, depression, fear, anxiety, grief and loss, etc. It can also be used to work on chronic pains and minor physical upsets.

Who can benefit from it?

Anyone of any age. Even pets!

How negative emotions affect you:

Dr. Nelson explains the Heart Wall: