One of a kind modality

In my years of searching for The Thing that would help me achieve a breakthrough, I’ve never found anything more powerful than the Emotion Code and Body Code. They’re truly one of a kind.

Why? It’s because they can get to the root of what’s causing our emotional or physical distress in a matter of minutes and release it with just a few swipes of the hand.

It’s almost like doing surgery – except it’s non invasive, fast, requires no medication and has no side effects. Even now, I still marvel at the efficacy of this work. It’s so amazing to see people begin to feel better right before your eyes!

The key to wellness

Since I became a practitioner, I’ve often thought of the question: what is the key to wellness? The answer, I have come to understand, is balance between the body and the mind.

The body and mind are inseparable. They’re like two sides of the same coin. Research shows that there is a correlation between mental stress and disease.

Actually, “stress” is many things: difficult situations, traumatic experiences, negative emotions, negative thoughts, painful memories, self limiting beliefs, offensive energy, physical and/or emotional trauma, inflammation, infection, toxicity, deficiency, dysfunction, malnutrition, illness, injury, poor lifestyle habits and more.

Positive vs negative cycle

When our bodies are healthy and whole, our thoughts and emotions are usually healthy and whole, too. This is because our brain produces hormones, molecules and neurotransmitters that make us feel good.

When we’re feeling good, the body also release hormones and molecules that help us stay in good physical condition. It’s a positive cycle.

But when there’s stress, the brain and body are less able to produce those feel-good hormones, molecules and neurotransmitters. They become more preoccupied with fixing imbalances such as cell damage, toxin and waste buildup or organ dysfunction.

The less upbeat we feel in our bodies, the more our thoughts and emotions tend to gear towards the negative. We begin viewing life through a different lens. This could reinforce more negative perceptions. More stress is added on the body. It becomes a negative cycle.

The benefits of this work

One of the roles of alternative therapies is to help people relieve their stress. Reducing or removing stress can help people recover faster from imbalances and maintain a sense of wellbeing longer.

The Emotion Code and Body Code are specifically designed to remove or correct many possible sources of stress.

Here’s a list (in no particular order) of some changes I’ve observed in people who have received this work:

Feel lighter
Feel happier
See/hear/taste/eat/sleep better
Feel less/no more pain
Remember things better
Understand things better
Make better decisions
Cope with unpleasant/unhappy situations better
Feel more positive/optimistic
Feel calmer
Feel more relaxed
Recover faster
Feel more confident
Feel more energized

Not everyone responds the same way in the same amount of time. But on the whole, the changes are noticeable.  All it takes on the part of the receiver is to come to the session with a willingness to heal. The energy work will follow accordingly, because body and mind really do work together.

If you’d like to know more about how this work can help you, please contact me. May you find this helpful on your healing journey!

Rimi xo