Clearing sessions

As mentioned previously, the first step to restoring your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing is clearing your energy and your body.

Who is it good for?

This session is beneficial for you if you want to:
• Release negative emotions
• Clear unhealthy energy
• Heal dysfunction in the body
• Restore innate balance
• Support your recovery from an illness
• Improve physical and emotional wellbeing
• Support overall health

The human body is an intricate balance of cells, organs, glands, systems, meridians, chakras, mindset, spirit and energy bodies. They all need to be working together to be healthy. When they’re in sync, the body is in optimum balance and health is maintained. When they’re not, the body goes out of alignment and problems show up.

The problems can be slight at first. Like a niggling ache or sense of unease. But the signals can get louder if ignored or suppressed for a long time. Until one day, you’re knocked out by an illness, physical or mental. To prevent this from happening, it’s good to do a regular clearing of your energy and internal terrain.

Anyone can benefit from clearing sessions: adults, children, infants, even pets, too!

What will be done?

Several energy clearing methods will be applied as needed: the Emotion Code, Body Code and MAP Method.

Each method has its benefits:
• The Emotion Code clears trapped emotions
• The Body Code clears toxins and pathogens and corrects misalignments
• The MAP Method heals dysfunctional inner parts that are preventing your body from regaining its innate balance

These methods don’t require you to recall a lot of painful memories, so they’re very gentle. You simply need to be open to the process.

body code

What outcomes can I expect?

By clearing your energy and restoring balance in the body and mind, you can enjoy decreased pain and discomfort, improved wellbeing and overall calm and lightness. Some people feel the difference as soon as a session is over! If you don’t experience an immediate change, not to worry. Energy work tends to be subtle so it’s not always noticeable.

It’s helpful to drink plenty of clean water afterward, eat healthy and get good rest. Tune into your body and do what’s good for it.

What else can you tell me about the sessions?

Clearing sessions are about 1 hour long. You’ll also receive notes of what was cleared afterward.

Generally, all sessions are done online through Zoom, but remote (email) and proxy sessions are also available. In person sessions can be arranged by request if you live in Singapore (please note, additional room rates will apply).

If you’re interested in doing more than one session, I offer several packages as per the below. They have no expiry date and can be shared with family or friends.

Please also read the disclaimer and privacy policy regarding sessions.

How do I book a session?

Feel free to choose a convenient time from my calendar: If you don’t see any times that suit you, please let me know your preferences and I’ll see what I can do!

What if I have more questions?

Please send me a message through the button below and I’ll get back to you within 1-2 working days. If it’s during the weekend, please allow me extra time to reply. Thank you for your understanding!