Clearing + Coaching sessions

You probably know already that the subconscious has profound influence on the mind. So it makes sense to clear negative beliefs, emotional traumas and self limiting programming as much as possible.

There’s just one thing the subconscious can’t do: organize itself! Only the conscious mind is capable of doing this. That’s why mindful self reflection is also important. It helps you organize your mind and build your “resilience muscles”.

So in these sessions, we’ll work on your mind from 2 aspects: the subconscious and the conscious mind.

What will be done?

Specifically, we will:
•Remove mental blocks
•Release limiting beliefs and trapped emotions
•Integrate your parts
•Shift your perspective
•Gain better understanding of yourself
•Strengthen positive emotions
•Align with positive beliefs
•Magnetize more of what you want

Several methods will be used interchangeably as needed: the Emotion Code, Body Code, MAP Method and coaching.

Each method has its benefits:
• The Emotion Code clears trapped emotions.
• The Body Code clears toxins and pathogens and corrects misalignments – this is useful for “cleaning up” your body and energy.
• The MAP Method heals and integrates dysfunctional inner parts that are preventing you from change.
Coaching provides a safe container for mindful self discovery.

Aspects of your personality can splinter off whenever you’ve experienced a traumatic or negative event. This mostly happens during the early years of your life, but can also occur in adulthood. They remain stuck with the same thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors they used at the time. Normally, they lie dormant in the unconscious and don’t show up in day-to-day life.

But if you get into a situation that reminds your subconscious of a similar event, these parts wake up! They come rushing forward with the same force they had before and prompt you to act in the same way. Usually, that sabotages you rather than support you. To stop the cycle, you need to heal these parts so they don’t get activated anymore.

After the parts have been integrated and you’re in a more neutral state, we’ll reflect on the new insights that have come up. Whenever it seems helpful, I’ll also offer concepts, resources and/or exercises that can help you anchor your new awareness.

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What else can you tell me about the sessions?

Clearing + Coaching sessions are approximately 1.5 hour long, depending on your issue. You’ll also receive notes of what was discussed afterward.

All sessions are done online through Zoom. In person sessions can be arranged by request if you live in Singapore (please note, additional fees will apply).

For packages and rates, please refer to the list below or contact me if you have further questions.

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Please also read the disclaimer and privacy policy regarding sessions.

How do I book a session?

Feel free to choose a convenient time from my calendar: If you don’t see any times that suit you, please let me know your preferences and I’ll see what I can do!

What if I have more questions?

Please send me a message through the button below and I’ll get back to you within 1-2 business days (please allow extra time during weekends and public holidays!).