Sessions For Children

As a parent myself, I can relate to the worries and concerns parents have about their children: is some hidden imbalance affecting his development; what is making her emotionally upset; can energy work be used effectively alongside allopathic medicine to treat my child’s condition; why is my teen behaving this way?

Energy work for kids

Young children respond well to energy work because they’re less burdened by baggage. At the same time, their little bodies and souls do come with a little pre-existing clutter: some of it is inherited, some is environmental, some from past lives…

Just like for adults, the Body Code can unearth and correct any imbalances your children may have.  If your child is emotionally sensitive, it might also help to use the Emotion Code to clear emotional energies such as:

  • Negative emotions – trapped, inherited, prenatal, absorbed
  • Walls – heart walls and other types of walls
  • Emotional resonances

Children with spectrum disorders or developmental issues need a multifaceted approach and there are many good therapies out there to address these issues in a focused manner.   While the Emotion Code / Body Code may not be the mainstay therapy in such cases, it is a good complement.

Energy work for teens

Adolescents are a little more complex than kids because their entire makeup is going through change.   If childhood issues have gone unresolved, they tend to surface during this period in various ways: behavioural, emotional or mental.

For adolescents we would use both the Emotion Code and Body Code to address their issues.   If they’re open to doing some self reflection, I might also introduce a little Choice Theory to guide them to more self awareness.

Parenting struggles

If you’re having a hard time relating to your children at any stage of their growth, I can teach you some Choice Theory psychology to help you understand better where your child or teen is coming from, what the conflict between you and your son/daughter is really about, and how to talk to them differently. We may also use the Emotion Code / Body Code to release any negative charge.

Sessions For Pets

When our dear four legged friends become unwell, it can be worrying because they can’t talk and tell us what’s wrong. Good thing we have the Emotion Code and Body Code! Since this modality uses muscle testing as its primary tool, we can talk with our pets’ subconscious and find out what’s going on.

Pets love energy work! Their energetic makeup is less complex than humans, so given the right conditions, it’s easy for them to return to their inherent state of love and goodness. It often doesn’t take much time to improve things like behavioural issues or minor illnesses.

If you would like to know whether or not the Emotion Code/Body Code can help your child or pet in need, please send me a message!

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