The Body Code was created after Dr. Bradley Nelson’s success with the Emotion Code. Building on the same technique as the Emotion Code but more comprehensive in approach, it identifies and releases a wide range of negative energies that are contributing to all kinds of self sabotage, unhappiness, pain, malfunction and disease.

How is this done?

Through muscle testing. The questions we ask are more varied compared to the Emotion Code as it covers a wider scope of imbalances.  Once the cause is pinpointed, it is released or corrected energetically in the same was as an emotion is released in the Emotion Code.

What will happen?

People experience an improvement in the way they feel physically, emotionally, mentally, and sometimes even energetically and spiritually. Often the change is immediate; other times it takes longer for the effect to be felt.

How is the Body Code different from the Emotion Code?

The Body Code identifies the root imbalance of your issue from 6 areas: energy, circuitry/systems, toxins, pathogens, misalignments and nutritional/lifestyle needs.  The Emotion Code identifies emotions only.  The Body Code is like a toolbox filled with many tools, whereas the Emotion Code is a single tool (but very handy).  I use both of them interchangeably so in practice I don’t differentiate between the two.  But since the two exist, I thought it would help to clarify.

What is it good for?

Almost any issue – physical, emotional or mental – from mild to severe.  The Body Code has been reported to help issues such as addictions, anger, anxiety, cancer, depression, fibromyalgia, insomnia, infertility, joint pain, lupus, migraines, panic, PTSD, weight issues, etc.

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How emotions makes us ill and how can we heal:

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