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Welcome to my blog! Here I share tips, practices and reflections that were inspired by all of you who passed through my session room.

  • Image: ShutterstockThe Conscious, Unconscious, SuperConscious and Higher Self In this blog post, I’m sharing some thoughts about the conscious, unconscious, subconscious, SuperConscious, and the Higher Self. This train of thought was inspired by a group MAP intro session I conducted in my new Meetup group. Read more
  • (Photo: Andrew Neel)How to deal with shame I’d like to talk about a sensitive emotion: shame. Shame comes up often in my sessions for many reasons. Childhood upbringing. Traumatic experiences. Failed relationships. Bad decisions. And so much more. Shame can create self-limiting beliefs that trap Read more
  • No Will To Heal Though seldom, I encounter clients who just don’t seem to improve at all. After weeks, months or even years of sessions. Why? It’s a question I’ve pondered many, many times! So in this post, I’ll finally share my thoughts. What I Read more
  • How to manage anxiety Anxiety (and its siblings fear, worry, panic) is an emotion that shows up frequently in my session room. So in this blog article, I’d like to talk about anxiety so you can get a clearer understanding of what goes on “behind Read more
  • Understanding Synchronicity Do you experience synchronicity? I do! Here’s a recent example. I wrote about purpose on social media the other day, simply because I felt compelled to share a story. Then interestingly, the week afterward, the same topic came up in a session. The Read more
  • Letting go of grudges All of us at one time or another have felt resentment in a relationship – it happens. When there’s good communication in the relationship, those resentments get resolved. In some relationships though, resentment keeps coming back like a pattern. If that’s Read more
  • What makes it hard to relate to others What makes it hard to relate to others and oneself? The answer seems to lie in developmental trauma.  Learning about developmental trauma has helped me understand what impacts our relationships on a deeper level. So I’d like Read more
  • Photo: mothership.sgHow to deal with negative beings Since we happen to be in the middle of the Hungry Ghost Festival right now, I thought I’d use this opportunity to talk about negative beings: entities, ghosts, spirits and so on. Don’t worry, I’m not going to Read more