Acute back pain

For those of you who’ve experienced acute back pain before, you know all too well how much it impacts your productivity and quality of life.

Common causes of back pain are poor posture, misalignment in the vertebrae and/or pelvis, muscle strain due to lifting heavy objects or twisting the back in an unnatural way. Underlying the back pain is generally lots of tension or wear in the muscles that support the back, leading to inflammation in the area.

To treat back pain, the oft-recommended therapies are a combination of icing, rest, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustment, stretching, physiotherapy and medications.

But from an energy worker’s point of view, there’s more to back pain than meets the eye! Here is one example of someone who used the Body Code to help alleviate the symptoms (shared with permission).

The first session

First some background: female in her 40s (we’ll call her B), her third episode of throwing her back out.

Prior to the Body Code, she had already seen a doctor and received physiotherapy. Her pain level was 10+ on day 1 of the backache. By day 3 it went down to 7. This was when we started the Body Code sessions.

The first session revealed a lot of imbalances in the abdomen caused by toxins and pathogens. This may seem odd, but if you consider the fact that the abdomen muscles support the back, it makes sense. B understood this to mean she needed to take better care of her health.

What was really illuminating for her was a negative program she had absorbed from the collective consciousness. It was telling her to push herself, even though she should really be taking breaks.

B is a working mother. Like so many other women in a similar boat, she found it difficult to rest. Even if work was done at the office, there was still work to be done at home. She realized that she felt guilty about putting her needs first… so B had been putting her needs last. Until finally, her body “forced” her to stop by throwing her back.

The second session

The second session took place a few days later. B’s pain level went down to 4. She was able to move around more and sit up for longer periods of time. She took some muscle relaxant on the advice of her doctor but didn’t need painkillers anymore.

The Body Code revealed more chemical toxins in the abdomen as well as color toxins.

What are color toxins? Sometimes we self-generate too much of a color energy or absorb it from another person or a place. When that happens, rather than being beneficial for the body, colors become toxic.

In B’s case, an excess of yellow, green and blue were present. Too much yellow has an overstimulating influence, green a sickly, lethargic one, and blue cold, tired and depressed.

Another discovery was a negative belief system absorbed from a parallel life (if you’re open to the idea that multiverses exist and we’re present in all of them). It was telling her that it was bad to stop working, that to stop means no abundance would come her way. Because of this invisible influence, B was receiving an inner push to keep going past her limits.

What she learned

B found the session findings fascinating. She said it was enlightening. It helped her be more aware of her environment, what she eats, and what kind of energy she tends to accumulate.

In the end B did only two sessions, but it seemed to be enough for her to manage the rest of her recovery on her own.

I don’t necessarily see a person completely through their healing. Especially with back pain, it’s a gradual process. What makes a difference in the long term is the adjustments in lifestyle. If a client feels capable of taking care of themselves without further assistance, then my part is done.

I hope this example gives you a new way of looking at your health! If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Many blessings to you on your healing journey,

Rimi xo