Sessions for Adults

Most people want to feel satisfied and happy in all areas of their lives, but things get in the way… stuff gets accumulated over the years and sometimes you may even be lugging around inherited or past life baggage without knowing it!  If you’re feeling stuck, it’s time to clean out your closets – for good.

Energetically release your baggage

The Body Code is an energy release technique that helps you dig up and energetically clear old baggage from six areas:

  • Energies – mental, emotional, offensive, traumas
  • Circuitry – disconnections, meridians, chakras
  • Toxins – chemical, environmental, microbial, heavy metal, electromagnetic
  • Pathogens – mold, fungus, bacteria, viruses, parasites
  • Misalignments – organ, skeletal, system
  • Nutritional – deficiencies, malnutrition, dehydration, sleep, pH balance

By cleaning up your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, you may enjoy results such as no more or decreased pain and other symptoms, improved wellbeing and more lightness as soon as your session is over.  If you don’t experience immediate change, that’s ok.  Energy work tends to be subtle so it’s not always noticeable.  Having said that, nearly all the people I’ve worked with have felt something, even the most sceptical ones.

Mindfully undo your resistance

Along the way, you might encounter a stubborn layer (or two) of resistance to change.  That’s ok.  It took you many years to get to where you’re at, so it’s natural that it may take a while to unravel the knots.  And some knots are bigger than others.  This is where mindfulness comes in.  Using some Choice Theory psychology as a guideline, we’ll:

  • get a new perspective on your situation
  • create a new self awareness
  • clarify what it is you really want
  • find out what you can do or what you need to get there

We’ll also rope in your intuition so you get used to hearing its voice more.

Focus on clearing obstacles

If you’re really focused on getting rid of the obstacles standing in the way of specific goals, I have something prepared for you:

  • Trigger Reprogramming – targeted at your trigger situations
  • Core Reprogramming – targeted at your key negative beliefs

These bespoke sessions will draw on a variety of techniques in addition to the Emotion Code, Body Code and Choice Theory to help you achieve an inner shift.

How long it takes

This process of energy clearing and mindfulness guidance continues until you’re feeling good and don’t need any more outside help.  The more you’re aware that you yourself are the driving force behind this work, changes happen!  Whatever amount of time it takes for you to let go of your baggage and reconnect with your authentic self, always remember to give yourself credit for doing the best that you can.  No one can ask you for more.

If you’re ready for change, let me know!

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