Rimi Yoshida

About my story

Hello, I’m Rimi! If you came to this site because you want to make a change in your life, I’m glad we found each other. Because I too used to be unhappy and dissatisfied with myself and my life.

Although people saw nothing wrong with it, I was miserable. Once I graduated uni and entered the workforce, I couldn’t stay in one job because I either found it too unsatisfying or I totally burned out. All my attempts at building a career flopped and I felt like a complete failure.

Then I got married to my long term partner and started a family. But motherhood was exhausting and marriage was a minefield. Managing the household in this state was stressful; I was tired and sickly all the time.  I loved my family, but I felt resigned to a long, bleak future of no other purpose than to fulfil domestic duties. It filled me with frustration, hopelessness and despair.

Simultaneously, my self esteem and self confidence was at an all time low. I was terrified of being seen by others and rarely ventured out of my little bubble.  My life became very, very small.  I was a jumble of emotions: angry, anxious and depressed.  Sometimes I contemplated ending it all.

After I discovered that energy could be cleared (quite literally) from the body and experienced it for myself, things began to change. My baseline mood shifted from always negative to more positive. I felt my vitality grow and I became more optimistic.  I started appreciating my strengths and the blessings in my life.  I discovered my passion (to help others who are facing the same predicament) and opportunities opened up.

For sure, it hasn’t always been a bed of roses. With each stage of growth there were big challenges to face, and yes, they still continue to this day.  But despite those challenges, I wouldn’t choose to go back to where I used be! Because now I know that those challenges are helping me become more resilient, tolerant and wise. So I’ve become better at buckling in and enjoying the ride.

Now I’d like to help you do the same!

More about my work

I started my practice in 2013.  I’m certified in the following methods: the Emotion Code™ and Body Code™, Choice Theory/Reality Therapy, the MAP Method™ and Positive Psychology-based life coaching (ICF ACC credentialed).  My current training is in Emotions Coaching.

I’ve worked with individuals from young to old and experienced a wide range of issues from physical, emotional, mental to spiritual. Over the years, I’ve zeroed in on emotional and mental resilience coaching and healing. I have a particular soft spot for sensitive individuals, because I’m one, too.

My vision and mission

My guiding vision and mission is to build people who can uplift the world. To do that, I’m committed to helping you let go of the baggage that doesn’t serve you, recognize your own strengths, support you to grow beyond what you used to be, and enable you to shine.  So that in turn, you can inspire and uplift others.  Because I truly believe in your potential! You deserve to live a vibrant life that’s healthy and happy.  And to share your gifts with the people around you and the wider world.

Change is possible

So please believe me when I say, you don’t have to resign yourself to a life you don’t want to live!  So much is waiting for you when you let go of negativity and choose positivity. If you want to make a change, please feel free to reach out to me. Let’s see what can be done to turn things around!

What people are saying

Rimi is an outstanding coach. She is first of all, a very genuine person that truly listens to me and cares about how I feel. It is very easy to share my life and my issues with complete confidence. Rimi has a knack for asking the best questions that just draw out of me my biggest obstacles and challenges, so that we can then challenge them and get to the root cause of my fear, anxiety, or any other obstacle. I highly recommend Rimi as a coach for anyone who wants to uncover their limiting beliefs and work on creating a more powerful life. -R.B.

Rimi has an incredibly calming energy that made me feel immediately comfortable in our sessions. She is a thoughtful, fully present coach that asks insightful questions. In each session together, Rimi facilitated clear goal setting and made sure that I felt satisfied in the outcome we achieved. As the client, I felt fully supported by Rimi and in full control of the direction of our sessions. I also appreciate Rimi’s background in energy work, which added an interesting layer to our work together through the incorporation of exercises that I found extremely beneficial. – J.P.

I really enjoyed this experience Rimi provided me with and feel that it was such a beautiful gift. I am naturally quite skeptical about energy work and may not have gone for this type of method to help achieve my goals but I really do feel that Rimi connected with me well, gave me insights that I may not otherwise have had and I even saw a shift in myself from one week to another which did seem to come from a place beyond my consciousnesses. Asides from the energy work Rimi has a pleasant manner that is enjoyable to work with and provided me with a good coaching experience that I would return to and recommend as needed. -N.S.

I loved how this combined a practice I hadn’t experienced with traditional coaching. Its a unique combo that allows the participant to work through the focus of the coaching session but in combination with the energy healing it’s like a kick start you wouldn’t get with just coaching or just energy healing. In a way I felt like this type of work gives the person receiving coaching a chance to reclaim their power and authority over the issue they brought to the session. -I.S.

Rimi has a lot of tools she can leverage to assist clients, including energy modalities. When she uses her tools and then uses coaching to integrate learnings from these tools, it creates great results. -E.B.

Rimi’s superpower was her incredible calm, coupled with her strong gentle presence and genuine curiosity. I always felt fully seen and heard by Rimi, and always felt really safe no matter what was going on with me. Her presence itself has a grounding affirming impact on my system. I had several very powerful experiences in sessions, and I made changes to my habits and routines that I had been really trying to reach, as a result of the sessions. -R.C.

It’s amazing to experience how effectively Emotion Code has helped me to release the trapped emotions and unseen negative energies in just 7 sessions. My gratitude to Rimi for her patience and support in guiding me through the process and pulling me out from my very depressed times. I am now a happier person with a clearer mind. Thank you so much :o) -F.W.

Having had the chance to obtain support from Rimi with Emotion Code was a huge blessing for myself and for my family. The amount of accumulated bad emotions from events that have passed that we do not even think they had affected us have caused ground for gross physical, emotional and mindset imbalances that have caused allergies and made us feel ill. Step by step Rimi has cleared all our inner imbalances patiently and effectively. Rimi is a wonderful healer and she is very attentive to our needs, very respectful towards our working schedule. I completely trust and rely on Rimi for our emotional and physiological wellbeing. If Rimi offers you her service, you’d do best if you take it! -M.L

Thank you so very much for the wonderful turnaround in my life I’ve been enjoying these past few days since my Body Code session! Not only have I completely kicked my 19-year addiction to diet coke, but I have also lost my debilitating anxieties and fears, and instead found a calming peace that has not left me since departing from your office. That peace and calmness has also moved my husband who senses these amazing changes within me, and it has renewed our love, as well as brought a lovely tranquility to our household that has been missing for months and I am most grateful for it and your good work. I’ll be honest that I didn’t know what to expect from the session as I was following my friend’s strong recommendation about how much better she felt from the relief of her pain from her cancer treatment. During the session, however, I was amazed to feel the actual connection with the subconscious and the release of the emotional blocks which sent shivers down my spine and as you saw, raised the hair on my arm to stand on its end and gave me goose flesh on each occasion. I was also so surprised at all the emotions and problems stemming from trapped ones that I have accumulated throughout the years. If seeing is believing, then experiencing the positive benefits from that session makes me a big fan and follower of its method, and I’m devouring the Emotion Code book which is equally fascinating! All the very best to you and your good work. -M.K.

I am grateful to Rimi and her Emotion Code and Body Code healing sessions. Every session is a miracle to me. The first session removed my headache in my right brain in a few seconds! There was a session which she helped me to remove trapped emotion “pride” from me and up to 100+ generations before me, essentially light-up a lengthy line of lineage as far as my family tree is concerned, I believe my ancestors in spirits, would be proud of me and smiling. There was a session which she helped me to discover my decisions in lives between my current one and my immediate previous one. From which, I have had a better insights about myself, and of the reasons behind events occurred in my earlier years. Apparently, the name of the modality may suggest it’s only a healing in the emotional body, however, my experience have proved that it is multi-dimensional, there are healing physically, biologically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically, ether-ically and spiritually. There are healing at an individual level, family tree and soul-groups level. In summary, there are simply too many benefits from the healing to be stated in this testimonial. To cut a long story short, just go for it, you life will change for the better, I have no doubts. -V.C.

Thanks so much for your time and energy today! It was a really interesting and beneficial session! I’m enjoying having my energy level back up and being more centered instead of constantly fighting fire with how I was reacting and feeling before. I’ll keenly observe what else happens from here – already felt a few different aches and pains, but will let myself settle from today’s session before jumping. 🙂 I’m feeling quite ready to peel off the layers as they appear, so much lightness to look forward to! -J.T

Rimi is one of the best coaches that I have ever been coached by. She is one of those that you want to keep being coached by for years because of her mastery, subtle challenges, and heaps of quiet support. -M.K.

I have always believed in the Law of Attraction and how I can create my life since in my twenties. I have worked on myself and was obsessed by it to the point that I created wealth and career as single mum. Then I kind of lost or forgotten (it). Since we talked and you cleared my thoughts and made me realise that my word is “create my life” you reminded me of my younger self – when I just believed and had faith in me. I am so much more connected to my soul, who I am inside and where I am heading. I find peace in that! – M.V.

It was a pleasure working with Rimi – she helped me hugely to move forward at a pivotal point in my personal and professional world. She has the ability to build trust quickly, holding the right space and time needed to work through your own solutions. She quietly led me to focusing on realistic outcomes and challenged appropriately at exactly the right time. Her ability to use her expertise in considering our bodies and not just our minds was a great reminder of how powerful that approach can be. – J.T.

The MAP method, working with subconciousness, I felt a shift and cleansing and cleaning wow of energy. I felt that normal coaching helped me in stage of planning and working on things in intellectual manner, but still there was something that was holding me back. I feel MAP gave me something other methods couldn’t give, because they didn’t work with energy and some things were stuck in the energy field. Wow, loved it! – A.N.

Rimi has a wonderful, gentle way about her coaching. She leaves a lot of space for her client through silence, and patience. She clearly shows she is listening intently by the insightful questions she asks, and the reflections she offers. Her peaceful, generous way of approaching the coaching work makes it easy to work on anything with her – from problems that are deep, to wanting to improve parts of your life that are already going well. She is a safe and welcoming sounding board. I felt more confidence in my work, and was able to figure out some of the reasons that I delay my own progress. During the COVID transition, I also found myself getting anxious about the “not knowing” and working with Rimi helped me immensely to put that anxiety into perspective and not get overwhelmed by it. In fact, I’ve learned to really enjoy more of this time at home. -C.D.

Rimi is a great coach and a very good listener. With her gentle presence, she was extraordinary in supporting and accompanying me during my explorations, while challenging my perspective with great questions, allowing me to look further. Rimi gave me space and time to look at alternatives and to integrate them. I really enjoyed the sessions with Rimi. -G.S.

I was suffering from PTSD after years of emotional abuse with a narcissist. When my PTSD were driving me out of control I decided to look for help and found the Emotion Code. I found Rimi through a Google search, I decided to contact her and made an appointment. I attend my first session not expecting anything in particular, I was just willing to try whatever it may help me with my PTSD. The following week after my first session I started to see changes on me, physical and emotional. The constant physical pain in my legs disappear and I felt my PTSD symptoms were less. I had two more sessions after that and every time I could tell the difference in me. I was emotionally more stable and my PTSD symptoms were lesser and controlled. As Rimi mentioned, the Emotion and Body Code is like going through a body detox. I will definitely book more sessions with Rimi, whenever I need it. Thank you Rimi! – A.C.

I have been an Emotion & Body code client of Rimi for a few years now. She has helped me with a number of issues pertaining to life’s issues, like body pain, money and relationships. Rimi is very caring and loving during her sessions and does her best to help you heal. Rimi has always been able to connect with our sub-conscious mind to identify the various trapped emotions that affect our lives and release them effortlessly. Therefore, improving how we feel and react to world a result our external world transformed for the better to an outcome that we prefer. Through Emotion code, I realised that we are all one with the universe and we create our world through how we feel and react and state of mind we are in. Hence, Rimi’s ability to intuitively identify the issues, blocks and other factors that affect our life is a wonderful way to help us along this life journey, as many times we are often unconscious of our programs that are in us. So sometimes, we do need some help to get over our own barriers, that’s where Rimi can help to help you make that transformation. Hence, she has helped me transform my life positively. Recently, I came to know that Rimi is practicing a new module for healing called MAP (Manifesting All Possibilities). I was curious to find out how effective MAP is compared to Emotion & Body code (EC/BC). I had 2 sessions with Rimi and was not disappointed. In my opinion, MAP works deeper than EC/BC. I experienced a significant reduction of pain with my lower back that had bothered me for 2 months from a severity of 9 to 1, the pain and sprained feeling was almost non-existent within 15 mins into the session. Now, after over a week, some lower back discomfort still persist, which now as a severity of 3. We also worked on money and some of my projects, my anxiety about them was reduced from a severity of 9 to 3. MAP works by communicating with our super-conscious mind or our high-self to identify the “issues” or “blocks” or “energies” in our sub-conscious mind to be resolved perfectly. Rimi is able to communicate with our super-conscious to fix these issues by issuing instructions to do so. Having experienced a number of energy healing sessions, I am aware that many of our issues in life as due to deep rooted programs and emotions that are in us, and some of these did not originate from us; we may have inherited it or got programmed by the environment when we were unconscious. When you remove a layer of emotions or issues, don’t be surprised if more issues appear in your life especially if you are new to this type of healing. This is because the issues are like a tissue box, you need to pull out a number of layers before the box is empty. This also why I recommend doing MAP, as I believe that by working with our Super-conscious, we are able to pull more layers at time and we don’t need to know the specific of the emotions or blocks, unlike other methods. The more programs we have within us, the more quiet we become, the more connected we are with the divine, the easier for us to manifest what we intend to have in life. – R.C.

I came to know Rimi from a friend. Have been seeing her since 2012 til now. Me and my children have gone for her sessions. It is amazing and helpful the sessions. For myself, incidents that I forgotten or I thought doesn’t bother me consciously … was trapped in my subconscious. After Rimi released the trapped emotion and heart wall, I realised the heaviness in my heart was actually the heart wall. Immediately after the session, I felt so relief and light! Ever since I will have sessions with her for all kinds of issues and with the report it helps me understand my issues and know how to handle it well. As for my children, I will get Rimi to do remote sessions for them whenever there is an issue or incident and from the report you are able to understand why the children reacted in certain ways which helps you understand them more. I am grateful to Rimi for all the works she have done for me and my family! I have improvements in my life ever since! Thank you so much! -Z.C.


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