About me

As a result of living my childhood in the US, the bulk of my adult life in Japan, and now in Singapore for a decade, I’ve become fluent in two languages, quite understanding of cultural differences, and accustomed to the idea that home is in many places!

Though it’s only in recent years that I’ve begun walking life’s path as a healing facilitator, I’ve always been passionate about emotional and physical wellbeing. Because I too have experienced what it’s like to be locked in by negativity, looking at life through a distorted lens, and feeling like there’s no way out.

My guiding philosophy in doing this work is to help others as best as I can to let go of the negative energy that creates their false illusions and disempowering stories, so they can rediscover their true selves. Because it’s not us that is the “problem”, it’s the baggage that makes us believe we are!

From personal experience, both the Emotion Code and Body Code have proven to be the one of the most effective ways to release the unnecessary baggage that is getting in the way of greater health and happiness. To my toolkit, I have also added Choice Theory psychology in the hope that this knowledge will benefit others on their journey towards self awareness.

It is my greatest pleasure to share this work with you, for I sincerely believe it will help you make a change, all for the best.

Rimi x