Seeking a change?

Learn how personal coaching and energy healing can help you
make the change you want to see in your life.

Are you seeking a change?

Have you been trying to change any of the following, but you just can’t seem to?

Feeling stuck. Like you can’t do or be who you want because you aren’t good enough. Struggling to deal with certain people or situations. Taking a long time to get over painful events. Low energy levels, low motivation, low mood. Unable to accept yourself as you are, trust your intuition, put yourself first.

Change IS possible

Please know that this is NOT who you really are! You aren’t resigned to staying like this, unable to change forever. You have the innate potential to feel better, be happier, and live the life you really want. You deserve to be your best you and share your gifts with the world. So please don’t be discouraged. There are things you can do to help yourself.

Clear your energy

First is to clear your energy. You may not realize this, but you are much more sensitive to energy than you realize. The people, environment, food, music, books, and objects you surround yourself with all have an effect on you. Some will uplift you while others can bring you down.

Of all the energies out there, emotions are particularly powerful. In fact, life is experienced through both positive and negative emotions. Positive emotions broaden your mind and energy, while negative emotions will do the opposite.

You might feel urged to suppress negative emotions because they’re extremely unpleasant. But without an outlet, those emotions are likely to get stuck! If you feel like you have a lot of trapped emotional baggage, now’s a good time to change that.

To clear that baggage, I use the Emotion Code and the Body Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson. This technique is astonishingly simple, yet it releases negative baggage for good.

Take charge of your mind

Next is to take charge of your mental wellbeing. Being mentally healthy is vital to manifesting and achieving the things you want in life. Because if you think about it, a happy mind can find opportunities even in difficult circumstances. But an unhappy mind will see mostly obstacles and might even create some more. So taking charge of your perspective and perception is important.

To work on your inner landscape, I employ the MAP Method(Make Anything Possible) created by Colette Streicher. MAP instructs your subconscious to unblock those hidden parts of you that are rigid, in pain, unable to change, unwilling to move forward. It’s very effective in removing unconscious resistance of all kinds. Many people have found it to be one of the safest methods to address trauma.

Step into growth

What if you’ve done the above, but you’re still confused, stuck, or in pain? Yes, that does happen. That could mean the issue requires additional reflective work. Because sometimes, aha moments and new ideas are hard to come by with energy healing alone.

To support you in this process, I offer personal coaching. My coaching style is fluid and intuitive with a particular focus on emotions. It’s underpinned by Choice Theory, Reality Therapy, Positive Psychology and Interpersonal Neurobiology so I can better understand what’s in your inner world and how to shift what’s blocking it.

Coaching with me is like going on an inner journey. There’s safety, compassion, curiosity and fun! Whenever you feel challenged by negative thoughts and feelings, we’ll unpack that to help you learn from it and move through it. We’ll always keep an eye on building you up so you can change your life.

Let's make a change!

What I want for you is to live the life you truly want, not the one you feel resigned to live. So if you’re seeking a change but feel stuck and need help, please have hope. You’re not alone and there is a way out! Please click on the below to find out more about sessions.

May this work enable you to make the change you seek!

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