Want to change your life, but don't know how?

Life doesn’t come with a manual! So let’s learn how to become more emotionally and mentally resilient and make the change you want to see in your life

Could this be you

Feeling stuck. Like you can’t do or be who you want because of other’s expectations. Thinking you’re too sensitive or not good enough. Struggling to deal with conflicts. Letting go of unhealthy patterns. Overreactive. Resentful. Overwhelmed. Brain shutting down. Low energy levels and frequent exhaustion. Isolating and avoiding. Low motivation. Unable to trust your intuition or honor your needs.

Have you been trying to change any of this without much success?

Change IS possible

If you’ve been feeling stuck, please know that you aren’t resigned to staying this way forever. What’s happening now is not who you truly are. It’s the result of choices you made because you were only trying to cope as best as you can.

You have tremendous innate potential for change! You deserve to be happier, be the person you want to be, and live the life you really want. By doing so, you share your gifts with the world. And through your example, you show others that they can do the same. So please don’t be discouraged. There are things you can do to help yourself.

Clear your energy

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you are affected by energy. The people, environment, food, music, media and objects you surround yourself with all have an effect on you. Some will uplift you while others can bring you down.

Of all the energies out there, emotions are particularly powerful. Life is experienced through both positive and negative emotions. Positive emotions broaden your mind and energy, while negative emotions will do the opposite.

You might feel urged to suppress negative emotions because they’re extremely unpleasant. But without an outlet, those emotions are likely to get stuck! And that can get in the way of change. So if you feel like you have a lot of emotional baggage, we can work on clearing that.

Take charge of your mind

To manifest and achieve the things you want in life, you also want to have a healthy and resilient mind. Because an unhappy mind will see mostly obstacles and might even create some more. But a happy mind can find opportunities even in difficult circumstances. So we’ll work on clearing what’s in the way of having such a mind.

As you do this, you’ll notice your mindset shift. Your perspective starts changing. You begin seeing the good in what previously seemed bad. Or open up to possibilities you previously said no to. You may start having a new relationship with your emotions, seeing them as messengers rather than monsters.

Step into growth

To sustain all these exciting changes, you also need to build new muscles to support them. So that you don’t slip back into old ways of thinking and being. Which does happen, because your external circumstances may not be changing as fast as you are!

So we’ll work on building you up. By equipping you with resources to support yourself as you go through this transformation of growth. But don’t despair if you feel like you’re taking 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. Despite how others make it seem, healing, change and growth is messy! Remember that you’re running your own race and have compassion for yourself ♡

Let's make a change!

So if you’re trying to change your life but feel stuck, please have hope. You’re not alone and there is a way out! Please read on to find out more about the services I offer.

Rimi Yoshida
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