Seeking a change?

Find out how to heal your emotional wounds,
improve your health and wellbeing,
and achieve your life goals
by using therapeutic energy release.

Sound familiar?

  • Are you tired of being stuck in a rut, not knowing how to get out or if you’ll ever get out?
  • Do you feel like you’re trapped and can’t escape? You can’t, because you aren’t ______ enough? (fill in the blank)
  • Is it difficult to accept yourself as you are?
  • Are you having difficulty getting along with certain people and dealing with certain situations?
  • Do you get derailed by events big or small and take a long time to come back from them?
  • Is your physical and mental health generally poor?
  • Is it difficult to listen to your intuition?
  • Is it difficult to honor, trust and respect yourself?

If you said yes

If you said yes to any of the above, please know this: this is NOT who you really are! You aren’t resigned to staying like this forever. You have the unlimited potential to feel better, get healthier and happier, and live the life you really want. You deserve to become your best you and go out and share your gifts with the world. So don’t be discouraged; there are things you can do to help yourself.

Letting go

First step is to take charge of your energy. You might not realize this, but you are way more energetic than you realize. The people, environment, food, music, books, and objects you surround yourself with all have an effect on your energy. Some will uplift you while others can bring you down because of the emotional associations you make with them.

Plus, life is experienced through our emotions, and yes, you may go through some pretty heavy times. If you feel like you have a lot of accumulated emotional baggage that’s weighing you down, now’s a good time to clean up.

To do this, the Emotion Code and the Body Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson have proven to be one of the fastest and most effective methods of energy release.  His technique consists of releasing trapped negative energy from the body with a few swipes of a magnet.  It’s astonishingly simple yet it enables you to release the gunk for good.

You don’t need to acquire something new or become a different person in order to change.  What you need is to let go.

Taking charge

Next is to take charge of your mental health. Being mentally healthy is vital to manifesting the things you want in life. Because if you think about it, a happy mind can find opportunities even in difficult circumstances, but an unhappy mind will see only obstacles and might even create some more! So perspective is really important.

To this end, Choice Theory psychology is an effective tool to help you get there.  Why Choice Theory?  Because it teaches you how put an end to external control.  This is a valuable skill to learn if you want to stop being triggered by people and events and even your own monkey mind.  Plus, it provides a clear and concise framework to understand the why behind what you do.

Help is available

So if you’re feeling at a loss right now, please have hope – you’re not alone and there is a way out. Please read on to find out more about energy release sessions or send a message with your concerns. May the information provided help you on your healing journey!

The key to healing is to let go of negativity and choose positive! Rimi xo
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I was suffering from PTSD after years of emotional abuse with a narcissist. When my PTSD were driving me out of control I decided to look for help and found the Emotion Code. I found Rimi through a Google search, I decided to contact her and made an appointment. I attend my first session not expecting anything in particular, I was just willing to try whatever it may help me with my PTSD. The following week after my first session I started to see changes on me, physical and emotional. The constant physical pain in my legs disappear and I felt my PTSD symptoms were less. I had two more sessions after that and every time I could tell the difference in me. I was emotionally more stable and my PTSD symptoms were lesser and controlled. As Rimi mentioned, the Emotion and Body Code is like going through a body detox. I will definitely book more sessions with Rimi, whenever I need it. Thank you Rimi! – A.C.

I have experienced profound healing and shifts in all area’s of my life, from self-care, to expanding my business, to not being overwhelmed with my busy life. Rimi is very gifted in getting to the core of what needs to be addressed and such a positive light on my healing journey. I love working with her great energy. I feel very blessed to have found her and feel excited on continuing to clear other blocks in my life. Many, many thanks x – C.D.K.

It’s amazing to experience how effectively Emotion Code has helped me to release the trapped emotions and unseen negative energies in just 7 sessions. My gratitude to Rimi for her patience and support in guiding me through the process and pulling me out from my very depressed times. I am now a happier person with a clearer mind. Thank you so much :o) -F.W.

I came to know Rimi from a friend. Have been seeing her since 2012 til now. Me and my children have gone for her sessions. It is amazing and helpful the sessions. For myself, incidents that I forgotten or I thought doesn’t bother me consciously … was trapped in my subconscious. After Rimi released the trapped emotion and heart wall, I realised the heaviness in my heart was actually the heart wall. Immediately after the session, I felt so relief and light! Ever since I will have sessions with her for all kinds of issues and with the report it helps me understand my issues and know how to handle it well. As for my children, I will get Rimi to do remote sessions for them whenever there is an issue or incident and from the report you are able to understand why the children reacted in certain ways which helps you understand them more. I am grateful to Rimi for all the works she have done for me and my family! I have improvements in my life ever since! Thank you so much! -Z.C.

Thanks so much for your time and energy today! It was a really interesting and beneficial session! I’m enjoying having my energy level back up and being more centered instead of constantly fighting fire with how I was reacting and feeling before. I’ll keenly observe what else happens from here – already felt a few different aches and pains, but will let myself settle from today’s session before jumping. 🙂 I’m feeling quite ready to peel off the layers as they appear, so much lightness to look forward to! -J.T

Thank you so very much for the wonderful turnaround in my life I’ve been enjoying these past few days since my Body Code session! Not only have I completely kicked my 19-year addiction to diet coke, but I have also lost my debilitating anxieties and fears, and instead found a calming peace that has not left me since departing from your office. That peace and calmness has also moved my husband who senses these amazing changes within me, and it has renewed our love, as well as brought a lovely tranquility to our household that has been missing for months and I am most grateful for it and your good work. I’ll be honest that I didn’t know what to expect from the session as I was following my friend’s strong recommendation about how much better she felt from the relief of her pain from her cancer treatment. During the session, however, I was amazed to feel the actual connection with the subconscious and the release of the emotional blocks which sent shivers down my spine and as you saw, raised the hair on my arm to stand on its end and gave me goose flesh on each occasion. I was also so surprised at all the emotions and problems stemming from trapped ones that I have accumulated throughout the years. If seeing is believing, then experiencing the positive benefits from that session makes me a big fan and follower of its method, and I’m devouring the Emotion Code book which is equally fascinating! All the very best to you and your good work. -M.K.

Having had the chance to obtain support from Rimi with Emotion Code was a huge blessing for myself and for my family. The amount of accumulated bad emotions from events that have passed that we do not even think they had affected us have caused ground for gross physical, emotional and mindset imbalances that have caused allergies and made us feel ill. Step by step Rimi has cleared all our inner imbalances patiently and effectively. Rimi is a wonderful healer and she is very attentive to our needs, very respectful towards our working schedule. I completely trust and rely on Rimi for our emotional and physiological wellbeing. If Rimi offers you her service, you’d do best if you take it! -M.L

I am grateful to Rimi and her Emotion Code and Body Code healing sessions. Every session is a miracle to me. The first session removed my headache in my right brain in a few seconds! There was a session which she helped me to remove trapped emotion “pride” from me and up to 100+ generations before me, essentially light-up a lengthy line of lineage as far as my family tree is concerned, I believe my ancestors in spirits, would be proud of me and smiling. There was a session which she helped me to discover my decisions in lives between my current one and my immediate previous one. From which, I have had a better insights about myself, and of the reasons behind events occurred in my earlier years. Apparently, the name of the modality may suggest it’s only a healing in the emotional body, however, my experience have proved that it is multi-dimensional, there are healing physically, biologically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically, ether-ically and spiritually. There are healing at an individual level, family tree and soul-groups level. In summary, there are simply too many benefits from the healing to be stated in this testimonial. To cut a long story short, just go for it, you life will change for the better, I have no doubts. -V.C.